Monday, April 1, 2013

You're Not....You're Too....(fill in the blank)

No doubt you've probably seen this commercial on TV numerous times, especially during March Madness. This time, as you listen, pay attention to the message. It really resonates and, after watching it again this morning, I thought about my past and how I refused to let someone else tell me I wasn't good enough or I wasn't capable enough.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where negativity is a constant factor. Society tell us that we aren't good enough, we are too small, too weak, etc., and, for many, we get suckered into believing it. And why is that? Because we lack confidence, belief and/or conviction in our purpose!

Take a look at the NCAA tournament. Who would've thought, two weeks ago, that Wichita State would be in the Final Four? Or that Florida Gulf Coast would be the first 15 see to make the Sweet 16. Very few did. But I guarantee you their coaches and players believed and reinforced it in their heads every day.

And, if you watched the Louisville game against Duke, we fully expected to see an emotional collapse of Louisville after one of their key players went down with that horrific injury. But no, they believed in their mission, collected themselves and put on a show.

How did these teams do it? They said no way. We are not going to let others box us in by saying we aren't good, we were lucky, we don't deserve to be here, etc. The first step in the process was the belief that they were good enough, that they deserved and they put all of their energies behind their beliefs.

How many times last week, last month, last year did you fall prey to someone saying are you can't? It happens to all of us. The key is to remember, YOU CAN!! If you let others dictate who you can be, who you will be or what you can or cannot do, you have lost and what you have become is self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, as you go forward this week, change your attitude. If someone tells you you can't, don't respond. Just walk away and tell yourself, "I can and I will." Think of it as your little f*** you moment and commit to proving them wrong.

"Do not fear the underdogs,
In fact:
Doubt them.
Count them out.
Overlook them.
Ignore them. 
Forget them. 
Do all these things, but do so at your own risk."
(Video and quote courtesy of Powerade.)

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