Friday, February 15, 2013

Its Racing Time...What Are Your Plans?

2013 Tour of Oman, stage 5 - peloton

Photo: Graham Watson |

Lot's of exciting news in the cycling world these days to brighten the optimism regarding the outlook of the sport, especially after the dark off-season. We've got racing in Oman, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy through the weekend. On top of that, the Court of Arbitration for Sport corrected what I would call is the UCI's horrible injustice in denying Katusha a world team license. And, stateside, the Tour of California route was announced.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

To Go Our or Not to Go Out. That is the question!

It is February. We are gearing up for the race season, focusing on an upcoming century ride or tour, then BAM! I you live in the northeast, you wake up to a foot or more of snow. For those of us on the west coast, it is our rainy season and cold (ok, it is warm if you live in the northeast). Regardless, cold, inclement weather forces us to think about whether to venture outdoors or spend some time on the trainer.

One of my wife's favorite stories about me when I was on the National Team is when I tried to go out on my "beater" bike in a snow storm. I got about a mile down the road and, after falling multiple times, turned around. She said I was too stubborn to train indoors. Maybe so, but truth be told I really didn't like riding indoors.