Monday, April 15, 2013

You Have to Believe to Achieve

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Each of us encounters obstacles, big and little, nearly every day of our life. Little obstacles are little problems and usually, with a modest amount of time, thought and effort, we overcome them. Big obstacles typically are representative of bigger challenges. And, because of that, we often let them paralyze us or hold us back from moving forward.

However, big or small,whether professionally, personally or athletically, the process is the same.
  1. Go big or go home. If you can achieve all of your goals, on your own, without divine intervention, you’re thinking too small. You’re selling yourself short. There's no law saying you can't, just that little voice in your head that you are letting dictate what you can do and cannot do. If you are going to set a goal, why not go all out? 
  2. Visualize. Imagine how you want your life to be and then get to work on making it so. I can not tell you how important this task is!
  3. Use “Naysayers” as fuel. I’m sure most of us have experienced one point or another in our life when someone put us down. Said we couldn’t accomplish what we were after. It might have even been from someone we dearly love. They Were Wrong. You have two choices when being told you can’t accomplish something you desire: acceptance or denial. You can either join the naysayers in their position or you can prove them wrong. Which do you choose?
  4. Think outside the box. Remove the self-imposed barriers from your thoughts. Often times when we want to accomplish something that is tough, we limit ourselves by the “barriers” others have set and believe they are in stone. Don’t take anything off the table. Get creative.
  5. Fly Without a Safety Net. Be willing to risk it all with nothing to fall back on. Just know that the risks are as real as the rewards. Meaning, just risking it all to say you did and expect success isn’t going to cut it. When we lay it all out on the line, we tend to take our game to a whole new level.
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