Monday, August 19, 2013

Are You Making Progress or Excuses?? And a Gran Fondo in Beverly Hills

As you already know... You can either make progress or make excuses... But you cannot do both. Excuses keep you where you are with no hopes of getting out while progress takes you everywhere you want to go! Excuses are the nail in the coffin of dead dreams while progress is the seed that blossoms to a grand oak tree! 

There has never been a successful excuse-maker who has fulfilled all of their dreams and aspirations! Make sure that you are not falling into the habit of justifying your unwillingness to try harder! Those who really want something find a way, those who don't find excuses! 

You are in charge of your destiny. The ball is in your court and whether or not you win the game is all up to you! There is nothing that is standing in your way except for the doubts that you keep allowing to creep in! Forget being a cynic and ALWAYS look on the bright-side! The World is YOURS and Everything in it! Have Courage to Take what you deserve!!

I am riding Gran Fondo Giro d'Italia Beverly Hills on November 2. If you are interested in joining me, the RCS organization is offering a discounted registration code that is good for use through August 28. You can claim your 35% coupon at

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